Collection: Bladesmith Classes

The common thing I hear from everyone is “They love that really cool show on television and want to give it a try.” I also hear “I think it would be so much fun, but I have no idea where to get started.” Others say “That would be such a fun thing to do just for fun on a weekend. Six-Gen Forge, LLC is now offering Bladesmithing classes in Appleton, WI. We supply all the materials, safety supplies, and the knowledge to create your very own blade. From three different options you can start out learning the basics to pushing your creativity level. All classes come with complimentary water and lunch. Check out each of the classes individually and we hope to see you soon!

Intro to Bladesmithing (Day1)

This class is an eight hour course to work on fundamentals of making a blade. We walk you through the entire process of making your own mono steel (single steel) blade. This includes:

  • Prepping metal
  • Drawing blade to length
  • Hammering in bevels
  • Quenching the blade

Note: Due to time restrictions we send you home with the required steps to properly temper the blade in your oven. With these directions you can either attempt to finish the blade yourself or sign up for our Intro to Bladesmithing (Day 2) course.

Intro to Bladesmithing (Day 2)

This course covers the fundamentals of finishing a blade over eight hours.. From grinding in your bevels to finishing the handle we cover it all! This includes:

  • Grinding Primary Bevel
  • Hand Sanding to finish
  • Handle Layout
  • Finishing handle
  • Adding Secondary Bevel
  • Knife finishes

Note: In order to take this class we required that you complete the Intro to Bladesmithing (Day 1). We do not provide blades for you to finish.

Advanced Bladesmithing (Hourly)

This class is designed for a 1 on 1 ultimate Bladesmith experience. You get full access to the shop including welder, grinder, hydraulic press, and forge. We recommend you take our “Intro to Bladesmithing class (Day 1 and 2)” or have previous class experience. This is to benefit your use of time. Before you come to this class we typically connect to discuss what you are looking to make. We figure out roughly how many hours it will take to complete your project. With this option it gives you the flexibility to pay as you go as it will take multiple classes to complete.

Note: We require you pay in advance of scheduling the class. We also require that you book in either four or eight hour increments. If you book four hour class we still provide lunch before we start or after we finish up.